The address of the West L.A apartment where Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp lived in the early 90s and where the rock act Weezer held some of their first rehearsals and recorded their first demos.

Matt and Rivers moved into the "Amherst House" on March 19th, 1992, which also marks the first time that Weezer ever played a show (at the Raji's on Hollywood Boulevard).

On March 25th, 1992, Weezer's first official demo was recorded at the "Amherst House." It contained three tracks, Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me, Lets Sew Our Pants Together and The World Has Turned And Left Me Here.

On August 1st, 1992 they recorded The Kitchen Tapes. A now historical fifteen song session.

Soon after they netted a record deal with Geffen Records, they moved out of The "Amherst House." Yet the legacy of the place lives on. They wrote In The Garage, track eight off The Blue Album about The "Amherst House" and in April 1995, filmed the video for their smash hit Say It Ain't So at 2226 Amherst Avenue.

Last the music world heard from 2226 Amherst Ave., Justin Fisher, childhood friend of Rivers Cuomo and bassist for Nerf Herder was living and working there his band Psoma. In 2001, we went on full length tours playing guitar and doing vocals for Psoma then went right into playing bass for Nerf Herder's summer tour. In May 2002, Psoma released their first and thus far, only album Fear the Penguin, independently on a label they called Amherst House Records.

I'm not sure who lives there now. On the commentary for the Say It Ain't So video on the Weezer DVD "Video Capture Device", Karl Koch mentioned that the house is still there and encourages fans to visit it and goes onto to give detailed instructions on how to get there. Brian Bell mentions how the house is now "decrepit", with an old couch thrown in the front yard and how the old owners of the house before they bought it had Taco Bell packets stuffed in drawers, Karl jokingly guesses they we're 10,000+ packets throughout the house.

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