A tone generator used to generate signals on a phone line to trick the switch into doing various things. For example, returning the coin for a bud on a pay phone. Often used by phreakers in the act of phreaking,&and where 2600 and the affiliated 2600 Magazine get their name.

A tone generator used to generate tones (duh) at 2600 hz. Back in the day, these tones could be used to manipulate phone trunks in order to get free phone calls. This tone generator is often called a blue box and is one of the color boxes used by phreakers (although its very unlikely that it will do anything nowadays).

One of the most famous devices used to generate this tone was a small plastic whistle that could be found in boxes of Captain Crunch. This whistle is one of the most desirable peices of hardware for any phreak to own.

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