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This license plate number often appears on cars in movies or TV shows, including Mulholland Drive, the X-Files, L.A. Story, Beverly Hills Cop II, and Crazy/Beautiful.

This has been taken by many geeks of various kinds to mean that there is some secret Illuminati-like plot that requires film directors in secret societies to use this number in order to further some kind of dastardly mind control plan. Or else it's all some sort of elaborate network of homages to the genius of whoever directed Beverly Hills Cop.

Unfortunately, the real explanation is much more mundane, as such explanations often are. Apparently, the 2GAT123 phenomenon is similar to the made-up "555" telephone prefix that everyone in the movies mysteriously has.

According to Bob Weide, producer of the HBO program Curb Your Enthusiasm,
"They're just prop plates that are used by a number of productions. The DMV puts certain number/letter combinations aside for this purpose. Any time you see a readable license plate in our show, it's a prop--slapped on the car by our propmaster."

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