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Often said with regard to one who feels that their opinions of movies are worth as much as fact. They need not be a film student, or anything of the sort. They often bring up obscure facts about the film itself, or people associated with it (actors, director, etc. "Did you know Nicolas Cage is related to Francis Ford Coppola?").

Sometimes heard rattling on about how one movie is art, while another is popular culture crap. "I refuse to watch, or admit watching any movie that has a popular movie actor in it. Unless it is to have a good laugh."

A popular hobby of this type of movie patron is asking is people have seen "(insert obscure title here)", double the faux elitist pleasure if the film is sub-titled and only available in the U.S. in bootleg. If by chance you have seen it, they will one up you with, "Well, I saw the uncut version, with director commentary- while reading the hand-written, pre-proofed, and edited script."

Sometimes I think these people make up movies. "Yeah, last night I watched "A Boy, A Book, and the Sabotage They Caused in Vienna"!

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