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A ska/punk group out of New Hampshire. They move fast and hard without taking themselves too seriously. A fan favorite is always the "Ladies its time to make babies" song (It consists of nice guitar riffs and the chant, Ladies, Ladies its time to make babies." Until the chorus where they may or may not change the chant to "Guys, Guys your dicks are small in size."

The band continues to tour the northeast, especially New England.

      "this is my girlfriend" CD - released 9/99 - High Score Records
      "Summer of '84" 10 song CD - released 8/98 - independant
      Compilation Appearences:
      "Holy Gobstoppers..." Various Artists CD - released 6/99 - Slap Happy Records
      "Lil' Something for the Kids" - V/A CD - released 7/99 - Fevered Pitch Records
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