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5-Meo-DIPT is a psychedelic drug, which belongs to tryptamines. It has a wide range of possible effects, including hallucinations and enhancement of tactile sense. Some people have said that this drug can make sex more enjoyable or at least more interesting. Some psychonauts also say that it can mimic the effects of many other psychedelics.

5-methoxy-diisopropyltryptamine is one of the more obscure tryptamines that Alexander Shulgin synthesised in the 1980s. It is variously described as being LSD-esque, but with more tactile effects (like MDMA) and increased libido (hence the name foxy-methoxy). It is currently (2002) in a grey legal area in the US but illegal (class A) in the UK. It is quite widely available on the internet, as a google search will show.

Some acquaintances of mine recently acquired 1 gram of 5-MeO-DiPT from the US. Their first problem was how to weigh out the 6-15mg doses. This they achieved by dissolving the whole gram in a litre of vodka, and measuring out 1ml per mg, with a pippette. They described it as having a nauseous come-up, but that the high was better than MDMA or 2-CB (the other psychedelics they've tried). They took to calling it fiend, because of the nasty come-up, but still got through most of the bottle in a few weeks.

       //      \\                      
       CH       CH                     
        \      /                       
         |     \                       
         |      NH                      
         |     /                       
 CH2     CH2                            
  \     /                            
  /     \                              
 CH2     CH--CH2                              

5-MeO-DIPT tastes awful, so it should be taken in capsules. 10 mg can be considered a single dose of this substance. The experience begins at 30-60 minutes with the peak following after some hours. The effects will be more or less over at six to eight hours.

Physical discomfort is often mentioned about 5-MeO-DIPT experiences, but this seems to be very slight at a low dose. However, doses larger than 20 mg can be somewhat unpleasant, and some individuals may suffer from significant discomfort even at a small dose. It is also possible to overdose on this substance, although no deaths have been reported so far. (5-MeO-DIPT should still be considered a potentially dangerous research chemical.) One can boost the intensity and duration of the experience with an additional dose before or during the peak. After coming down, however, tolerance sets in for at least a few days.

The sense of touch is intensified by this substance. Many people consider it a wonderful aphrodisiac and sex drug. In fact, some consider it to be little else.

Visually, it is not particularly active. Sight is acute and visual awareness heightened with 10 mg, but no hallucinations or distortions of any kind were present. Sound is also largely unaffected at this dose. Larger doses cause hallucinations. With about 25 mg, digital photographs appeared three-dimensional, vivid and continuously morphing. The images no longer seemed to be just static pictures, but rather places with living inhabitants. Some fluctuation was present in flat, textured surfaces. Bright, warm and colorful lights. Content of hallucinations may be shared to some degree.

The psychedelic properties of 5-MeO-DIPT do seem significant on the purely mental level. I consider it to be more suited to social situations than most other tryptamines. It is easy to lose oneself in group experience, so much so that this seems to be its primary effect.

It does seem to be, as the person who made up the name Foxy Methoxy said, "a nice little delic buzz for any occasion." Do recall that no psychedelic substance is suitable for the unprepared.

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