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N,N-diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT) is a unique psychoactive compound in that it primarily effects perception of sound. Surprisingly, it has been largely ignored by the scientific community. A search on PubMed yielded a single article by Shulgin that was published in 1980. DiPT is peculiar in that it makes sounds seem lower in pitch, but the pitch drop is nonlinear. In other words, it causes complete harmonic distortion. A friend of Shulgin explained:

If it [the drug] delayed only the neural response to a stimulus, then pitch might have been shifted down, and yet harmony between notes should have been preserved. A variable delay related to the pitch of the stimulus would produce the disharmony but would not explain the preservation of normal relationship between single tones. It seems clear that this compound affects the auditory processing centers in the brain in a complex way which deserves further scientific study. The lack of significant toxic effects should make this compound useful for further studies. (Quoted in TiHKAL)

Some subjective reports describe side effects such as visual distortion, auditory hallucinations, changes in mental functioning, as well as nausea and strange body sensations (Erowid). These effects become more prominent at higher dosages.

Shulgin explored a few other analogs looking for substances with similar effects on the auditory processing functions of the brain, but he found nothing. It appears that the N-diisopropyl structure is directly responsible for auditory distortion. Attaching a methoxy group to the 5 position yields 5-MeO-DiPT, a much more widely known hallucinogen which was just recently placed under Schedule I of the CSA, along with alpha-methyltryptamine. Subjective reports indicate that 5-MeO-DiPT does not cause auditory distortion, though it does have a tendency to make music sound uninteresting.

DiPT is most frequently administered orally. By this route, the effects begin after around 45 minutes to an hour and last from six to eight hours. Other routes of administration have yet to be extensively explored. Reports of smoking DiPT are very few, and lack any adequate description. At dosages approximately 10mg and up, its effects have been compared to DMT at similar dosages (Erowid). In all of the reports I could find, the subjects freebased DIPT HCl themselves meaning there is a likelyhood of a potency drop induced by impurities.

Chemical Properties

Melting Point: 192-193°C
Boiling Point: Unknown

       //      \\                      
       CH       CH                     
        \      /                       
         |     \                       
         |      NH                      
         |     /                       
 CH2     CH2                            
  \     /                            
  /     \                              
 CH2     CH--CH2                              
ASCII art borrowed and modified rom tom f's writeup under 5-MeO-DiPT.


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