"Erowid is a small not for profit organization dedicated to studying and providing information about humanity's never-ending search for meaning and spirit. We recognize that every individual is on their own path and that no single path is best, or even functional, for all. History shows us that regardless of social or legal controls, people will follow their own individual paths in this search for meaning. It is extremely important for information to be freely available about different techniques, practices, methods, and lifestyles, whether traditional or unconventional."(1)

The Vaults of Erowid host and record tremendous amounts of information regarding entheogens. The information they present on commercially available pharmaceuticals is somewhat limited, but there isn't a better place on the web to find FAQs, images, and reports of experiences with herbs and chemicals.

Erowid now hosts the information on entheogens which was once found on hyperreal(www.hyperreal.com). On a similiar note, large sections of TiHKAL and PiHKAL are hosted in the library

(1): http://www.erowid.org/about.shtml#intent

One of the most interesting and valuable parts of erowid are the experience vaults and the trip reports that are hosted within them. This particular feature of the site allowers readers to make up their mind without propaganda and manipulation about what they do and do not want to put into their bodies.

The trip reports by the readers of erowid are organized into numerous different categories -- making it easy to find specifically what you are looking for. These categories allow you to judge for yourself what you feel your body and mind may be able to handle, some examples are as follows:

First Times
Retrospective / Summary
Difficult Experiences
Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
Addiction & Habituation
Glowing Experiences
Mystical Experiences
Health Problems / Issues

The creators of erowid, who I met at Burning Man, are intelligent, informed human beings. They are constantly gathering and sharing information in hopes of helping people make the most knowledgeable and safe decisions possible.

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