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In the world of Britannia it is the Seat of Truth. It can be found in the city of Moonglow. It has been hidden by a spell of the mage Tydus.

Named after the Greek academy (but not the Academy). The origin of the French word `lycée'.

Also, a web site (http://www.lycaeum.org/) devoted to information on recreational pharmaceuticals (they use the term entheogen). Includes pictures, structural diagrams, synthesis instructions, FAQs, and trip logs.

The Lycaeum is also a drug information archive that has has been online at www.lycaeum.org since 1996. It was started by Andrew Edmond, who went on to become an "Internet Porn King".

Well known for having an extensive and well indexed Trip Report Database, they have been called "The Consumer Reports for drug users."

This website is the reason for my adventures with illegal substances. When a friend first introduced the idea of doing acid into my head, I was like "No way!" (being little miss goodie-two shoes honor student) but then I thought I'd at least give him the benefit of the doubt, and everything I read at the site made me want to trip. So I did and hallucinogens are everything promised and more.

Thank you, Lycaeum, for making my life what it is today. :)

It was interesting to learn that it was started by an Internet Porn King though...I'm not going to go around talking about how the Internet Porn King saved my life, however, that's just weird. :)

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