Equal Parts of; Kahlua, Rum & Myer's Rum Cream, Float 151 Rum

Shake over ice, Strain into a Shot or Rocks glass, Float 151, Suck through a Straw in one sip

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The original form of smokeable cocaine which consists of 1/3 cocaine and 2/3 baking soda. These two substances are mixed with just enough water sufficient for boiling or "cooking" it into a solid form. Cooking can be done in various ways, most often heated in a spoon or in a glass cigar tube.

Freebase is not crack cocaine; crack is freebase with additives.
'freebase' refers to the form of a base chemical free of any acid ions; for instance, crack cocaine is the "free base" of cocaine hydrochloride (powder cocaine).

note that the introduction of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to cocaine HCl yields sodium chloride (table salt), carbon dioxide, water, and freebase cocaine.

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