The U.S. announced it has 5,113 nuclear weapons. That doesn't seem like a lot, really. The entire world has something like 20,000. It's probably no surprise the US has a quarter of them.

Does this mean it's a M.A.D. world, and we hope nobody gets mad? What does it mean?

Images of movies, "On the Beach" or "Dr. Strangelove", come to mind.

Do people really write the names of foreign cities on bombs? Are some already programmed to go to specific places? What a concept! Imagine someone laughing while they write "Rocktown", or "Swinton", or your town. How many Springfields are out there?

Following this is a list of cities with a population of 100,000 or more. It's less than 5,000 cities (let alone 20,000). Look at the list, use your web browser "Edit...Find" to see if you might be included as a possible target?

When (if, eh?) you find your city, please take a moment to ponder, "What can I, or we, do about this?"

The list is sorted alphabetically by City name within Country/region name.

I am quite sure almost everyone finds their city in the list. Perhaps take a look.

I would be interested to know if anyone here does not find the city they live in, on that list. Please let me know.

Data from U.N., populations of 100,000 or more:


Updates on the replies: So far, one person mentioned that they were not in any of the cities listed.

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