‘Ya know. Not sunsets and beaches. They’re soooo last century.’


’And not, ya know, like them little doodads with kiddies snuggling all cute and cozy like. Shit, not that.’

‘Uh-uh. Not that.’

’It’s sort of like, when you’re listening to a really lousy song, and then outta nowhere it’s got a little riff, like a bit that you need to sing aloud, and that makes it, ah, redeemed or something. Ya know?’


’But not, ya know, because it’s good music or anything, more like, it’s a hidden gold coin. Not because of the music itself’

‘I know.’

’So do you? Do you ever start, you know, feeling like that? Like it’s all beautiful and you’re very lucky to be there right then? Do you, ya know, start to feel, ever?

I do.’

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