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The 619 is a totally sweet professional wrestling maneuver currently in the repertoire of Rey Mysterio. It takes its name from the area code of San Diego, California, which is Rey’s hometown. Although it is difficult to set up, the 619 has been given nearly finisher-level power. Thus, if Rey manages to pull it off, it usually signals the beginning of the end for his opponent.

In any case, expect a large face pop from the crowd whenever Rey “dials up” the 619. This move showcases the lightning speed, supreme agility, and stunning inventiveness which has made him one of the more popular wrestlers of our time.

Here is how the 619 is set up and performed:

  1. Whilst in the ring, position yourself roughly in the middle of any side. Face your opponent with your back to the ropes
  2. When your opponent charges towards you, apply a drop toehold or a similar move, so that your opponent’s upper body winds up draped over the middle rope.
  3. Your opponent is temporarily stunned. Use this time to appeal to the crowd and audibly call for the 619.
  4. Run to the opposite set of ropes and bounce off them, ricocheting back in the direction of your opponent.
  5. As you reach the ropes where your opponent lies prone, be sure you are a few feet to his/her right. Without losing momentum, grab the middle rope with your left hand, and the top rope with your right hand.
  6. Throw your legs through the space between the middle and top rope while still holding on with your hands.
  7. This is the important part. Whip your body around the axis your hands are acting as. If you have placed your hands at the right distance, your feet should strike your opponent in the face.
  8. As you opponent flies backwards into the ring, let go of the ropes and stand on the ring apron. You are now in position to deliver the West Coast Pop.

The obligatorydon’t try this at home” admonition is actually moot in this case since the 619 requires sturdy ring ropes that most people don’t have access to. Unless you have a wrestling ring in your home, in which case you are probably a professional wrestler and already know how to not hurt yourself or others.

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