The most electrifying move in Sports Entertainment today. Performed by The Rock, a.k.a. Duane Johnson, this move is performed after a Spinebuster, or following the Rock Bottom. While the opponent is stunned in the center of the ring, The Rock removes the People's Elbow Pad, throws it to The Millions, waves his arms from side to side, and after running and bouncing from rope to rope, he drops his elbow on his unwilling opponent.

The People's Elbow in 18 easy steps:

0. Beat the crap out of your opponent (obviously).
1. Stand over prone corpse of opponent who has conveniently collapsed in the centre of the ring.
2. Raise eyebrow. Flare nostrils.
3. Contemptuously kick right arm of opponent so that The People's Foot doesn't trip over it.
4. Snap up left arm military salute-style.
5. Slowly remove elbow pad.
6. Toss elbow pad out to the millions (AND MILLIONS) of fans.
7. Flap arms frantically. This stimulates the carido-vascular system, which is essential during this strenuous move.
8. Run at right rope. The force generated by this sprint shall be N.
9. Turn around and fall into rope.This multiplies the force N by a factor of x.
10. Run at opposite rope, hopping neatly over body of opponent. This second run generates a force O.
11. Turn around and fall into rope again.This multiplies the force O by a factor of y.
12. Run back at opponent, generating force P.
13. (If this is a title match) Run face-first into steel chair being wielded by HHH/Benoit/Kurt Angle/Shane McMahon. Bleed. Die.
14. (If this is not a title match) Stop running at the point where opponent is lying down.
15. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART : Flap arms wildly. This will convert all the energy you had built up into a downwards force. The amount of flapping is a force we shall call t.
16. Your total force is now t(xN+yO+P). This is the force that will be driven into the opponents chest as you drop your elbow onto him.
17. Stand on corner post. Smell.

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