The Worm is Scotty 2 Hotty's finishing maneuver in the World Wrestling Federation.  It is quite possibly the silliest finishing move of all time--dumber even than The People's Elbow.

    1) Push your opponent down near one of the ring ropes (parallel to them).  

    2) Stand next to your opponent, facing the crowd, spread your arms out, and make a goofy grin.  This is just for taunting.

    3) Jog in place.  This is to build momentum, duh.

    4) Hop on one foot four times in a half-circle to the other side of the ring.  The crowd will sing along: "W!"  "O!"  "R!"  "M!"

    5) Belly flop three times towards your opponent.  ("Worm"ing your way over to them.)

    6) Wave your arms wildly three times down towards your opponent.  The crowd will sing along: "Huah!"  "Huah!"  "Huah!"

    7) Do fast chop-chop motions, like you're slicing a tomato This is to build up the all-important arm momentum.

    8) Chop your opponent in the chest.  With the incredible force behind it, how could it not stun your opponent??

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