Something most of us never want but regularly need. Basically a rude awakening is a kind of unwanted unsublte enlightenment which leaves you mentally staggering. However, rude awakenings are almost always necessary, and you usually learn something you should have known prior to that moment. For example, I received a rude awakening when I discovered that I wasn't as good with women in real life as I was... oh wait... I don't have any comparison. Sheesh!! What a rude awakening I just had!

A move in professional wrestling mastered by the late Ravishing Rick Rude. The Rude Awakening is a reverse neckbreaker, and it is widely used today as a non-finishing move. However, in the late eighties, Rick Rude used the Rude Awakening as his finisher to score many a pinfall and eventually capture the Intercontinental Championship.

Within the last decade or so, the term Rude Awakening has not been used when another wrestler has utilized a reverse neckbreaker. I find this a shame, as the name Rude Awakening has a far nefarious connotation than reverse neckbreaker. Also, it would pay a great homage to a superb technical wrestler.

There has also been speculation by fans that the Rude Awakening has a more devestating impact than a normal reverse neckbreaker due to the immense setup time and subsequent hip gyrations that Rick Rude does before executing the move. This can be likened to The Road Dogg's Shake Rattle n' Kneedrop, Scott Taylor's The Worm, and of course, The Rock's The People's Elbow.

Executing the Rude Awakening:

  • Place opponents face on your right shoulder and grasp opponent's head with both hands
  • Turn your body to the left while continuing to grip opponent's head and turning it clockwise
  • Turn until you are back to back with opponent and opponent's back of head is rest on your shoulder
  • Swivel hips to massive amounts of heel heat
  • Fall down and jar opponent's neck on your shoulder
  • Enjoy the three count as you assume the role as the victor

Source: Mitchevious' own arcane knowledge of wrestling moves and backyard wrestling experience

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