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A wrestling hold mastered by "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig. The Perfect-Plex is one of the signature moves of Mr. Perfect, although over the years other wrestlers have utilized it, Val Venis and Perry Saturn among the few. When it isn't executed by Curt Hennig in 'Mr. Perfect' character, it is referred to as the Fisherman Suplex or the Hennig-Plex. I still like the ring of the Perfect-Plex.

The Perfect-Plex was introduced as Mr. Perfect's finisher in the autumn of 1988 when Mr. Perfect made his wrestling debut. The Perfect gimmick was played up to the point that Mr. Perfect was unbeatable and the WWF gave him the Perfect Streak, a long series of wins over midcarders to push him as a legitamate contender for the Intercontinental Championship. What better way to push the Perfect Streak than to have a finisher that was unbreakable? The Perfect-Plex was devised to be the enforcer of the streak.

Executing the Perfect-Plex:

  • Place opponents head in a facedown headlock under your right arm with his body in front of you
  • Hook opponent's right leg with your left hand, making him stand on one foot, while you hold his head and leg
  • Brace your feet by stepping so that your feet are shoulder width apart and parallel to each other
  • Lift with your legs and pull back with your arm that is cradling your opponent's leg, as you would a normal suplex
  • Fall backwards until you and your opponent's back are on the mat
  • Lock the hand that is holding your opponent's leg and the hand that is holding your opponent's head together
  • Arch your back by combining a back arch with stepping on your 'tippy-toes'
  • Enjoy victory as the ref counts to three

To see a video clip of Curt Hennig Perfect-Plexing Paul Wight in 1997: http://members.xoom.com/Curt_Hennig/movies/giantplex.rm

Source: My own arcane knowledge of professional wrestling and personal backyard wrestling experiences.

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