A suplex is a professional wrestling move that requires strength, balance and durability.

It is a move that requires participation by both wrestlers/performers to properly succeed :

  • the attacker, A, stands facing the victim, B
  • the right shoulder of A is lined up with the right shoulder of B
  • they stand about an arm's length apart from each other
  • both of the participants bend slightly so that the heads are now facing down and the shoulders are stooped (A would do this voluntarily, but B would be in this position because he/she is tired/hurt), and both wrestlers have their heads next to the outside edge of their counterpart's right shoulder
  • A now drapes his/her right arm over the neck/shoulders of B so the arm/hand rests on the front side of the left shoulder
  • A puts B's right arm in the same position over A's neck/shoulder, resulting in a symmetrical positioning
  • on cue, both wrestlers bend at the knees
  • as they straighten up, A begins to lift B into an inverted vertical position by grabbing the left hip/trunks and leverage him/her up, while B simultaneously jumps up, helping propel himself/herself into the upright position
  • both wrestlers remain in this position briefly, with A supporting B's floating "handstand" with his/her right arm grippng the trunks/back, and B remaining as ridged as possible
  • the end of the move comes as A falls backwards, landing on his/her back and bringing B crashing down in an arc, landing on his/her back as well, but obviously at a faster rate or harder crash (due to B having to travel a farther distance in the same amount of time)

It is a move that if it is not performed by experts, and by suitably strong people, can result in severe injury for one or both participants.

There are different variations on the simple suplex that have been used by different wrestlers over time:

  • Super-plex (from a raised position, the top rope/turnbuckle being one such place)
  • Snap suplex (done very fast, with no hover period)
  • Fisherman's suplex (?)
  • German suplex (?)
  • Belly-to-belly suplex (where the attacker grabs the victim around the waist while facing him/her and flings him/her over his/her shoulder while twisting...also known as the gut-wrench suplex)
  • Northern Lights suplex (?)

The best way to learn about wrestling moves is to watch a wrestling show like WWF's Raw is War, Smackdown or WCW's Monday Nitro and listen as the announcers describe the moves being performed.

Remember, it's all fake/scripted, but the moves can be quite punishing and dangerous:

Kids! Don't try this at home!

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