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The Tiger Suplex is a professional wrestling move created by Satoru Sayama, the original Tiger Mask. Generically, it could be called a double chickenwing belly to back suplex. The Tiger Suplex has been a traditional move used by all four men who wrestled as Tiger Mask, as well as many other junior heavyweight wrestlers.

The Tiger Suplex is fairly simple. The attacker stands facing the victim's back. The attacker then applies a double chickenwing hold. To get an idea of what that is, imagine the attacker is holding the victim's arms behind his back so that someone else can punch the victim. As long as you're not thinking of a full nelson, that's a double chickenwing. Once the attacker has procured the double chickenwing, he then suplexes his victim, throwing the victim backwards over the attacker's head, with the victim landing on his head and shoulders. It is common for the attacker to bridge after the suplex in order to hold the victim for a pinfall.

Mitsuharu Misawa, a.k.a. Tiger Mask II, created a variation on the Tiger Suplex called the Tiger Suplex '85. The Tiger Suplex '85 is the same as the Tiger Suplex except that instead of a double chickenwing, the attacker uses a single chickenwing and a half nelson. Much like the Tiger Driver '91's relationship to the regular Tiger Driver, the Tiger Suplex '85 is used as a more dangerous form of the Tiger Suplex.

Tiger Mask IV (no aka since he hasn't unmasked yet) uses a variation of the Tiger Suplex he calls the Millennium Suplex, which is a crossface chickenwing suplex. Same deal as before, except the hold this time is a crossface chickenwing. TMIV applies a single chickenwing and then reaches his other arm across the face of his opponent (a crossface) and locks his hands together, then follows with the suplex.

While not quite as devastating as the Tiger Driver or the Dragon Suplex, the Tiger Suplex is still considered a powerful move in Japan.

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