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One of Vince McMahon's most distinguishing characteristsics. In Mick Foley's biography Foley Is Good, Mick says, "Vince is one of the best in the business at portraying facial emotions. Except for his Gulp Of Fear." It usually has a build-up along these lines:

CROWD : "Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!"
VINCE : "If you'll allow me to speak... "
CROWD (louder): "Asshole! Asshole!"
VINCE : "Shut up you goddamn inbred freaks! Shut up! I have some news for you. Your hero, The Rock, won't be joining us tonight. You see, The Rock won't be joining us ever again. Some friends of mine dealt with The Rock. He's dead. And his body has been dismembered. And the parts are being used as dog food in Panama..."

Invariably at this point, the speakers suddenly open up to a large shout of "Huh-if ya smell what The Rock is cookin'" followed by his music, followed by Rocky strutting out confidently. The crowd go apeshit. The camera cuts to Vince.

At this point, the camera cuts to Vince, who is about to begin his long Gulp Of Fear.

  1. Vince's eyes open slowly, until they're as wide as possible.
  2. His jaw drops until his mouth is open. Not zombie-open, just open enough to show his surprise.
  3. He smacks his lips together. This is just a build-up to the Gulp Of Fear. Don't be teased by it.
  4. He stares for another second with his mouth still open.
  5. He closes his mouth
  6. The Gulp Of Fear! All of this is easier if you imagine him having a large, unchewed meatball in his mouth. He rolls his head forward and puffs out his cheeks. Then like a drunk with a shot of tequila, he knocks his head back and swallows.
  7. A large visible lump travels the length of his throat. Quite what it is, no-one knows. Maybe he is eating a meatball.
  8. He lies down on the canvas. This is usually due to the steel chair that's been smashed into his face.
And there you have it. Possibly the lamest piece of character acting in history. But damn, is it funny.

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