In the 1990s, El Fisico Nuclear ("The Nuclear Physicist") was a lucha-libre style wrestler based in Los Angeles, who grappled in the Incredibly Strange Wrestling league and who claimed to be an Ancient Astronaut. A tecnico (a good guy, known as a face in North American pro wrestling) hid his identity behind a wrestling mask covered in equations and radiation symbols. As the world's mightiest physicist, El Fisico stood as a role model to children and scientists everywhere, and relentlessly fought to advance his three-pronged goal of "Truth! Science! Fair Play!".

El Fisico's chief rival was a rudo named Vandal Drummond, a heel whose ring persona was a malevolent New Ager. Drummond's long, untidy red hair was shorn by El Fisico in a mask-vs-hair match.

El Fisico's surreal gimmick won him a cult following among the overeducated and underemployed. A newsletter devoted to the man and his matches (if he hadn't wrestled in a while they simply made up the cards and their results) circulated on an irregular basis. He was enshrined on a handful of now-defunct Web sites, and one prankster slipped his name in among the cast listings for several B-movies on

The performer behind the mask possessed an advanced degree in physics and taught high school science.

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