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El Fisico Nuclear ("The Nuclear Physicist") is a lucha-libre style wrestler in Los Angeles, who grapples in the Incredibly Strange Wrestling league and who claims to be an Ancient Astronaut from beyond space and time. He possesses mysterious powers and hides his identity behind a wrestling mask covered in equations and radiation symbols. As the world's mightiest physicist, El Fisico stands as a role model to children and scientists everywhere, and relentlessly fights to advance his three-pronged goal of "Truth! Science! Fair Play!".

Over the years El Fisico has maintained a feud with a rudo named Vandal Drummond, a heel whose own ring persona is a kind of malevolent New Ager. His long, untidy red hair was shorn several years ago by El Fisico in a mask-vs-hair match.

El Fisico's surreal gimmick has won him a cult following among the overeducated and underemployed. A newsletter devoted to the man and his matches (if he hasn't wrestled lately they simply make up the cards and their results) circulates on an irregular basis. He is enshrined on a handful of Web sites, and one prankster has slipped his name in among the cast listings for several B-movies on imdb.com.

While I am not at liberty to reveal El Fisico's secret identity, I can confirm that he does indeed possess an advanced degree in physics.

El Fisico es el tecnico supremo.

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