Like eyelashes, present to prevent dirt, dust and other crazy crap from sliding down your forehead and into your eyes. Traditionally, having one eyebrow - that is, a uni-brow, like the nemesis of Maggy Simpson - is a sign of lycanthropy.

Mentats have long long eyebrows, and so does a prominent Japanese politician.

I want to transplant my goatee to where my eyebrows are so I can intimidate people even more when I waggle them Groucho Marx-style.

Raising one eyebrow conveys a lot of concepts, all of them unpleasant, including but not limited to contempt, sarcastic compassion and disapproval. The master of that is certainly my mother, that likes to do it without one word of comment. She just looks, raises, lowers, and changes the subject.
My SO has been eyebrow-raised a couple of time, and deeply resents it. I, being the son of my mother, have managed to develop:
  1. 1" thick skin, not pierced by mere eyebrow waggling.
  2. Ability to raise eyebrows (developed with a bit of exercise in front of a mirror).
I guess that your family environment really does influence you deeply.

Eye"brow` (?), n.

The brow or hairy arch above the eye.



© Webster 1913.

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