Maggie Simpson is the youngest daughter of Marge and Homer Simpson. Her full name is Margaret Simpson, and although perpetually one year old, she was conceived on the 18th of the month. When she is not being carried around by her mother, Maggie is trying to walk by herself, but frequently trips over oversized blue sleep-suit which she is supposed to grow into. In winter, she wears a orange star shaped snowsuit. All year round she wears a blue ribbon in her hair and a red dummy in her mouth which she sucks constantly. Her dummy is allegedly a way to see what kind of mood Maggie is in depending on what noise it is making, and how fast she is sucking it. It means a lot to her and she has got into trouble trying to not lose it in an episode called "A Streetcar Named Marge".

Maggie has an exciting life for a baby. Even though she is looked after by her mother Marge, who keeps a spare dummy in her tower of blue hair, she manages to get involved in many adventures. With her sister's intelligence, and her brother's ability for finding trouble, Maggie has managed to get fairly involved with the action. Once she planned a way to escape from the Springfield Daycare Centre with the other babies. She also nearly murdered Mr. Burns with a gun because he tried to steal her lollipop.

Maggie is frequently seen in the background of scenes amusing herself.

She can

  • Use the television remote control without any difficulty
  • Write her own name using her Etch-a-Sketch
  • Spell E=MC² with her toy building blocks
  • Play dance of the sugar plum fairies on her little toy xylophone
  • Communicate with bears

In one particular episode, she makes a donut out of play-doh for Homer. Maggie likes her father quite a lot, and despite being carried around by her mother all day, her first word was "Daddy". Having said this, when asked by Bart which member of the family she liked the most, she ran to the television and hugged it.

She manages to have her share of rivals like the rest of her family though. Maggie's is Gerald the mono-browed baby from down the road.

Maggie is featured on the opening credits whilst on a shopping spree at a supermarket with Marge. She gets swiped over the barcode detector in the store and the checkout says that she costs $847.63. According to rumours, this is supposed to be the amount Matt Groening calculated it costs to raise an infant per month in the USA.

Maggie of the future doesn't look too dissimilar to an older version of Lisa, although her clothing is a little different and she has quirks which follow on from the present version of Maggie. She wears a black T-shirt with red trousers and black boots. She also wears a friendship bracelet, and the ever present dummy is worn on a string as a pendant on her necklace.


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