7Up Gold was also notable in that it was caffeinated, unlike 7Up itself, which got its nickname The Uncola partly because it had no caffiene (and partly because way back it used to contain lithium.)

I drank a lot of soda growing up, and I remember drinking lots of 7Up Gold until they canceled it. There of course was also a Diet 7Up Gold, which was less cloyingly sweet.

It really had a bit of a cola aftertaste as well as the spicy thing going. You could probably make a pretty close simulation by mixing equal parts regular 7Up, ginger ale, and Coca-Cola.

It bothers me a lot that there is almost no way to now know what 7Up Gold tasted like. Any samples from when they were making it have probably decayed to something unrecognizable, and even if the 7Up company has the forumula and started making it again, there's no promise that it would taste exactly the same. It's a piece of human history lost forever.

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