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Intel's first 8-bit microprocessor. It was the chip used to power the Altair 8800.

Symbolic of the goal of the Scientologist in the process of becoming "Clear". Chosen for triple infinity symbol representation (each 8 is one of the infinity symbols, the middle two zeroes form the third). Represents perfection in the triple pursuits of Beingness, Doingness, and Havingness.

"Beingness", Doingness", "Havingness", and "Clear" are all terms having specific, narrow meaning to followers of Scientology. The noder makes no claim as to the accuracy or appropriateness of the usage herein, nor claim to any authority to interpret the copyrighted sacred works of Scientology.
An excellent camera made by Nikon, the N8008s. Known as the F801s in Europe.

This was one of the last cameras they made that was as powerful and flexible as their old manual cameras.

The new version of this camera, the N90, doesn't have several arguably useful features that the 8008 and most simple old manual cameras have, depth of field preview and multiple exposure mode (unless you pay big bucks for a special attachment).

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