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A cross-genre music group originally from Germany. The msuic is half Acid Jazz, half Trip Hop, half ambient... yes, i know that's three halves.

quoting from http://www.atrecordings.com/frontsite/LabelArtistAlbum/artist.asp?label=NO_LABEL&artist=art_lazy00 :

In the late 80's these Berliners were a heavy part of the Industrial avant-garde scene with one half (Keir) of 9Lazy9 having worked with the legendary new wave band Cabaret Voltaire, as well touring with Leibach and William Borroughs 'Final Academy'. The other half (James) cohorting with Fatrix, SPK and Survival Research Laboratries. After moving to Italy to escape the rain, they formed 9Lazy9 and began to create music that reflects the relaxed country that they now reside in. A very relaxed Easy-Listening album, 'Paradise Blown'has a subtle blend of live instruments and clever samples with nice jazz sections in nearly every track. Simple, homogenous but also quirky.


Other albums include Electric Lazyland. If you're going to go napster some of this fizz then I reccommend "Swingpool".

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