a+ is a French Internet Acronym or rather a shorthand standing for à plus tard, which means 'at a later time' or simply 'later' in the context of farewells.


    ninja: Je dois partir, mes ennemis me poursuivent. Ninja disparais!
    I must leave, my enemies are after me. Ninja Vanish!

    me: ...a+?

Everything Guitar Project : The Everything Guide to Guitar Chords: A+


A+ is shorthand for the augmented fifth triad based on A. Includes root, major third and augmented fifth: A / C# / E#. As fingered here: A / E# / A / C# / E#. E# is the same note as F on a discretized instrument (frets or keys), but as the note is a sharpened fifth rather than a flattened sixth, it is more correct to write E#.

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