Les Acronymes du Net

Francophones on the internet don't only use the set of English acronyms such as lol, btw or brb, but also (obviously) a set of French acronyms. Some may not be as intuitive to figure out as others, so here's a list of a few that are more commonly used.

A sidenote, besides acronyms, there are also shorthand forms of certain expressions. Also, it is very common for the French to abbreviate certain words. For example, 'accro' instead of 'accroché' (means addict), or 'ado' instead of 'adolescent'.

One-letter acronyms
One letter acronyms are used as phonetic equivalents. For example in English, sometimes you'd see 'c' instead of 'see' or 'b' instead of 'be'. These are pretty easy to figure out:

  • c - c'est (it's)
  • d - des (some)
  • t - tu es (you are)
  • g - j'ai (I have)

Other acronyms
Because these are a bit trickier to figure out, I've made separate nodes for them with some having examples.

Québec-Français - http://www.quebec-francais.com

As always, /msg me for additions, corrections, suggestions or omissions.

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