A House for Hermit Crab is another wonderfully written and illustrated children's book by the increasingly popular master of the paper tissue collage, Eric Carle.

The book is mostly about change, and how Hermit Crab adapts to it. In the beginning, Hermit Crab has outgrown his current shell and must move into a new one. However, the new shell seems almost too big and too bland to be a comfortable home. The idea of living in this new shell is scary. But, as Hermit Crab moves across the ocean floor, he encounters many new creatures that help him make his new shell into a home.

As Hermit Crab meets and becomes friends with the sea creatures, he cajoles them with compliments and kindness, and then he asks that each serve a purpose in making his shell a home. Among other creatures, a sea anemone, a sea star, coral, and a snail all attach themselves to his shell and accompany him on his journey across the deep-sea.

Then, just as Hermit Crab has become such good friends with each animal he has picked up on his way, he realizes he has spent a year outgrowing his shell. And so, he must move into another shell. This time though, Hermit Crab is not afraid like he was before. Instead, he is excited and inspired by what lies before him. The creatures he will meet! The colors his shell will have! The things he will do! The places he will go!

Reading level: 3 to Forever
Publisher:Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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