The following is a list of books which have proved the most successful with various noders' children. Many of these books have lasted well beyond the indicated age range, remaining great favourites with many children until they (the books) are tattered and torn. These are the books our children (and dearest relatives) ask for time and again.

If you know of no other childrens' authors, then these three are probably the tops, listed more or less in terms of age-suitability.

Our own children never really went for the heavily commercialised series, even though we have all of those (in some cases two or three versions): Peter Rabbit, Thomas the Tank Engine, endless Disney stories and so on. The ones they liked tend to emphasise either rhythmic speech patterns, imagination, or lots of lift-the-flap type excitement. Oh, and good illustrations are at least as important as the words, especially in the early years.

Note: Evilrooster says its Mother read many books to it as a child, but most of them were designed for much older age groups. Lord of the Rings at age four, for example. Other books read to the Rooster include:

The Rooster definitely intends to repeat the practice with its offspring. What more recommendation do you need? Ereneta confirms this, reading Eric Carle books to a 1-year old.

Age 0-2

  • Big, by Keith Haring suggested by Ereneta
  • Any or all books about Spot, by Eric Hill suggested by Kidas
  • I am 1 year old, Happy Birthday by Mothercare suggested by Kidas
  • Anything by Dr. Seuss suggested by various noders
  • Any good book of nursery rhymes, especially with lots of pictures suggested by various noders
  • Any book with clear, colour pictures of everyday objects* suggested by Kidas

* Especially useful if you are trying to teach more than one language. The Dorling Kindersley My first .... Book series is very good for this, whatever you think of their approach to marketing and sales

Age 1-3

  • Anything by Don and Audry Wood, suggested by Siouxsie
  • Quick as a Cricket
  • The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungy bear
  • Any or all books about Spot, by Eric Hill suggested by Kidas
  • Where's Spot?
  • Spot's baby sister
  • Spot's Alphabet
  • Spot's Busy Year
  • Spot's First Easter
  • Anything by Lucy Cousins, especially the Maisy books suggested by Kidas
  • Maisy goes to school
  • Za-Za's baby brother

Age 2-5

Many of the above books remain favourites in this age group, but you can also add in the following:

Age 4-7

Again, many of the above books remain favourites in this age group, but you can start to add longer, and more challenging stories:


By now, you will know what they like—and more importantly, so will they. But here is a selection which might appeal, if you don't already have them.

A lot of people made suggestions here, notably for His Dark Materials, The Dark is Rising and others, but I have to say, this node was originally meant to be about books adults can read aloud to children. There are some books (IMHO) which are much better read by a growing child to his or herself. Regardless of that preamble, the following books are good either for reading aloud, or as gifts for growing youngsters to read on their own.

Feel free to /msg me, heyoka or any other admin and they will add your suggestions here

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