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"Truckers", "Diggers" and "Wings" make up the trilogy "The Bromeliad" by the utterly wonderful fantasy author Terry Pratchett. The novels were originally published in 1989 and 1990.

The novels describe the epic quest of the nomes, a species of 6 inch high human-shaped creatures who inhabit our world. Because the nomes live and move 10 times faster than we do, they see us as lumbering, slow-motion giants. At the beginning of the trilogy, a small group of nomes who previously lived in the wild, finds a larger group of nomes who live in a department store and think that this store is the entire universe. Their seasons have names such as Spring Sale and Christmas Fair, and they are divided in clans such as the Haberdasheri, the Confectioneri and the del Icatessen. As the story progresses, the nomes find out more about their origin and true nature, guided by the Thing, a small black cube which turns out to be a flight computer from the starship which originally brought them to Earth.

A bromeliad is actually a flower that often contains a tiny microcosm of insects or small frogs. These frogs, much like the nomes, are unaware of their place in the larger world. In addition to being a lovely metaphor, the word Bromeliad also ironically echoes the name of other epics such as the Iliad and, ahem, the Belgariad.

Even though Terry Pratchett is of course best known for his Discworld novels, this trilogy is an excellent read and highly recommended to fans and non-fans alike.

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