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A fantastic movie made by the Marx Brothers in 1946, starring the illustrious Groucho Marx as Ronald Kornblow, Harpo Marx as Rusty and Chico Marx as Corbaccio. The title of this movie enraged David Warner, who claimed that it infringed upon the Warner Brothers copyright for Casablanca. Groucho Marx replied in an open letter, asking which other cities' names the Warners owned, and saying that it didn't matter because the Marx Brothers had been brothers longer than the Warner Brothers had(this was very true).

"In post-war Casablanca, Ronald Kornblow is hired to run a hotel whose previous managers have all wound up being murdered. French soldier Pierre suspects the involvement of ex-Nazis, specifically Count Pfefferman, in reality the notorious Heinrich Stubel. But Pierre himself is accused of collaborating with the enemy, and attempts to clear his name with the help of his girlfriend Annette and cagey buddy Corbaccio. They enlist the aid of Pfefferman's beleaguered mute valet, Rusty, and discover a hoard of war booty the Nazis have cached in the hotel."
-Summary from the Internet Movie Database

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