The 1996 and first release from Grandaddy, this EP shows that the boys from Modesto, California had already refined their post-technological modern electro rock sound well before their first album Under A Western Freeway. Easy to find on Amazon or elsewhere, this CD is well worth whatever you pay for it. However, all the tracks other than Peeano are also available on the album The Broken Down Comforter Collection

Tracks are:

  1. Away Birdies With Special Sounds -- Acoustic guitar laid over a warped voice that provides almose a drone effect. Very eerie
  2. Taster -- A more typical Pavement-like song
  3. Peeano -- an instrumental performed on an out-of-tune piano consequently sped up and slowed down to give an interesting sound
  4. Kim, You Bore Me to Death -- a Yo La Tengo-esque screamer
  5. Pre-Merced -- Similar to more recent of their offerings, this is an organ and distortion driven tune.
  6. Gentle Spike Resort -- An acoustic and light keyboard soft song.
  7. Egg Hit and Jack Too -- Drums and distortion start a big rave-up and jam that settles into some cello to end the disc.

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