It's funny, while thinking of stuff I wanted to decorate my dorm room with as I started college this past fall, my mind went back to things I loved as a child. While I have the ever popular Van Gogh and band posters hanging on my walls, at home I had dug through my old toy box for the beloved characters of my childhood, and they are now sitting all around my room, reminding me of how much fun being a kid was for me. There's She-Ra, Princess of Power and a My Little Pony sitting in front of my stereo speakers. Hello Kitty sits on my windowsill (but don't tell-I actually got this Hello Kitty at McDonald's last summer). But my favorite one of all is my little Rainbow Brite doll, placed right above my computer so she's watching over me.

When I was 5 years old or so, Rainbow Brite was my absolute favorite. She was my best friend, and would always play what I wanted to play and cheer me up when I was lonely. I could put on one of her records and sing along with her, and ofcourse every week on tv I could watch her and the color kids fight Murky and Lurky.

Unfortunately, as I got older and her cartoons on tv dwindled, Rainbow Brite and I parted for awhile. I had to start going to school, meaning I had to grow up and leave childish things behind. It's funny how your life comes full circle, how after years of "growing up," you return to the things you loved the most when you were your youngest.

My cute doll shows her age now with smudges and un-kempt hair, but she was obviously loved. Sometimes I wish that I could go back to my childhood, but deep down I know she's watching out for me like she did all those years ago, making sure I have fun in this new phase of my life and letting me know I can always confide in her when I get lonely.

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