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One of the few words that is a complete sentence. When spoken, it conveys a sense of lethargy or apathy on the part of the speaker.

Also a nintendo character, which resembled a giant jelly/jello mould, with blinking eyes, bushy eyebrows and a big gaping mouth. Blargs come in many different colours, including red ones that live in lava pools, and blue ones that live in the water. Blargs may actually be made out of the substance they live in, but this is just idle speculation.
Blargs mainly appear in yoshi's island, on the super nintendo, but also have cameos in other nintendo games. In yoshi's island they are drawn such that their facial expressions are a separate sprite to the rest of their body, allowing the cartridge's superFX chip to scale them to any size required of them. There is no way to kill a blarg, but throwing eggs at them causes them to disappear back into their pool for a short time.
While normally quite small, taking up about an eigth of the screen, there also exists the giant Gargantua Blarg, a red blarg of lava. Gargantua blarg takes up most of the screen, and has his own level in yoshi's island. He also appears as a character later on in tetris attack.

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