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He can hear the door slam, heels being flung off. It must have been a bad day.

"You'll never believe what that dumb bitch did today. I swear she must be sleeping with someone to still have her job"
"Hmm?" Tilting his head, watching her undo the buttons on her coat, uncorking the bottle, letting it breathe.
"Was it the bitch with the glasses or the one with the stockings?"
"Neither. It was the bitch who's always on her lunch break."

Pulling out the chair, inviting her to sit, "The one who came in drunk once?"
"Yeah, that's her."
"I thought you said she wasn't worth complaining about. Do you know where the matchbook is?"
"She isn't and what matchbook?"
"The one we got from that hotel last weekend."
"Check the side drawer. No, the other one."
"Thanks. If she isn't worth the trouble then why..."
"I'm not, it's just, it's been that kind of day."
"You really shouldn't let them get to you dear."
"I know I shouldn't but they can be so..." Distracted as the match flares up.
"What is all of this?"

Cupping his hand around each candle as he lights them, "I'm having a romantic dinner with my love."
Pouring a glass of wine, "Care to join me?"
Taking the glass, unsure whether she should smile, "This is all lovely, but why?"
"Don't you know what today is?"
"It can't be our anniversary can it? And its not my birth-"
Cutting her off with a kiss, "It's Monday darling."

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