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A Second Troy

I am breaking,
I am breaking.
Heart full of lead and marshmallows,
Mouth filled with clay
The lies have marshaled their armies.
I am breaking.
You still smile like the Mona Lisa,
Or a tax accountant.
Your mouth blooms like a charnel rose,
And you say my name as if it were an infinitive in a dead language.
I am breaking.
Dance with me, lie with me, lie to me
Kiss me as if you meant it.
Snap me like a fresh stringbean
I am breaking
A wall of strength, once you called me
A fortress, a tower
The times you touched me were reconnaissance
I was undersiege while asleep in your arms.
My temple has been defiled,
My treasury sacked...
The walls I built crumble down around me
And the architect of my destructions smiles and whispers,
"I love you."
I am broken.

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