Once, we got a group of about forty people together to play this game. We split into two teams - one team in cars, the other on foot.
Each member of team on foot was given a white plastic chair, which could be sat on or carried. These chairs were fairly light, and thus could easily be lifted, and could be carried while sprinting. This was the only armament for this team.
The cars were loaded with eggs, flour, water bombs, paint, grenades, and assorted other throwable items. Three or four people were assigned to each car - this was so that projectiles could be launched by hand even while the car was being driven, something which would cause difficulty for a lone driver.

After this preparation, the foot team would set off into the night (as this game was played during the nighttime) and run along the streets, tightly clutching their chairs. They would try to get as far away from the starting position as possible, and as far apart from each other as well. The intended effect of this was to make it as difficult as possible for the other team, the barbarian invaders, the dragoons, the mounted attackers, the guys driving around in cars armed with messy stuff to get them.

And this is exactly what the second team were trying to do. After waiting for a reasonable amount of time (hopefully a few minutes, but - as I was on the foot team - I had no way to tell if they actually waited or not, I just got the hell out of there) they would start their cars and drive off in hot pursuit of the chaired team. Anyone seen carrying a chair was immediately bombarded with a torrent of sticky material.

The problems arising from this plan of attack are as follows:
1) Anyone choosing to discard his chair is perfectly safe
But, of course, nobody did that because that ruins the fun of it.
2) Perfectly innocent chair carriers are affected
But really, who cares?
3) Sticky material runs out
And is easily replenished at a nearby shop.
4) If a chair carrier stands inside such a shop..
Wait, no, this isn't a problem. Please forgive me for my mistake.

This game is wholly enjoyable for both teams - the chair team gets to run around carrying chairs and getting dirty while the car team gets to drive around throwing things at people. Both of these activities give unparalleled enjoyment.

While I participated in the chair-running bit, I heard many comments from the so-called 'ordinary' people I passed. I quote:
"You guys look really gay, you know that?"
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Get the censored out of my shop!"

these quotes cannot be attributed as i did not take names at the time

When the game was officially over, we all gathered at another house and threw what remained of the weaponry employed by the car team over each other. This is a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening, and I do recommend it.

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