The last time I saw her was at a birthday party. One of those friend of a friend things that you say you're not going to go to, but end of going when nothing else occurs to you. A buddy of mine invited me and he seemed really upset that she was there, but I assurred him it was no big deal. We had broken up four months before and in a town that size bumping into each other was common.

"It's not the first time I have seen her, and not the first time she has ignored me."-he laughed. (I didn't)

Later in the evening as the music got louder and the alcohol fuzzied my head, I found myself staring at her. My friend noticed too, and pushed me out of the house and onto a porch.

You gotta move on, 'K? Ya wanna leave? "No, it's OK. I was just watching her make the moves on some guy. It's weird watching her start the whole thing all over again."

What I didn't say was how beautiful she looked. Dark tan, long hair in French Braids, some glitter tossed on to catch the light. As if the light ever left her.

Well, we don't have to hang here, other fish in the sea and all that crap, right? I know a college bar where there are girls naive enough to think you're smart-why don't we try that?

"Nope, that's OK, but thanks for propping up my ego. It's just odd, thinking about the whole time we had and now it's like I'm seeing her play it all out for someone else."

I half fell off the porch and wandered toward the car. My buddy, who called himself the designated DWI, drove me around town with no stops save a 7-11 (toilet and MD-20/20). As we sat at a stoplight across from the local cinema 50 he laughed.

That's it, dude. That's what you were talking about with fairydust back there. It's like watching a preview of a movie you had already seen. You feel like yelling out loud to the audience -

HEY, you just saw all the best parts!!

We laughed like crazy 'till the cars behind us honked. Then we drove on.

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