George walks to church every second Sunday of the month. He puts the bible in his mouth and chews but doesn’t digest. The walk takes exactly 33 minutes from door to door. It pleases him that it takes exactly the same amount of time every other week. In the intervening weeks he watches his plants grow. 10 minutes for each plant. He likes the way that their leaves bend in the wind. He keeps the door open whenever he’s home to let some air in.

He keeps a single budgie called Rosie. Rosie is good company. Rosie wears a blue coat all year round and sings whenever the curtains are open. The curtains are always open for Rosie. The bird seed doesn’t cost much and the company is worth something. This is the type of relationship that they don’t write books about. But should. Rosie is the closest thing to something that is holy as George has ever come across.

On the second Sunday of a December George takes Rosie with him to church. Once they are seated in the congregation, George releases Rosie into the rafters. She flies quickly to the top most perch and sings her heart out. The acoustics are perfect and everyone hears every word that she sings. She has a pure voice and the choir listens. George gets up from his seat and slowly walks out of the church. He walks for 33 minutes until he is back in his house. Where he proceeds to sit, and cry.

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