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A roller coaster that meets a set of criteria as established by the American Coaster Enthusiasts club. The honor - part of ACE's preservation efforts - was developed to recognize coasters that allow riders to safely experience the thrill of the classic wooden roller coaster.

The criteria, as stated by ACE, are as follows:

  • The coaster must use traditional lap bars that allow riders to experience so-called airtime, or negative G's (that sensation of floating above the seat). Individual, ratcheting lap bars do not meet this requirement.
  • The coaster cannot use bucket seats or seat dividers. Instead, ACE Coaster Classics allow riders to slide from side to side.
  • ACE Coaster Classics allow riders to view the upcoming drops and thrills. Coasters with headrests on every seat, or the majority of seats, restrict this view and are not eligible for ACE Coaster Classic status.
  • On ACE Coaster Classics, riders are free to choose where they sit. Some parks' operating procedures assign seating; these coasters are not eligible for ACE Coaster Classic status.

Examples of ACE Coaster Classics include the famous Cyclone at Astroland in New York, Hochschaubahn at Prater Park in Austria, and Leap-the-Dips at Lakemont Park in Pennsylvania. Being awarded the plaque as an ACE Coaster Classic does not guarantee the title is permanent - occasionally, a ride will change its equipment, design, or standard operating procedures and the coaster will become ineligible for ACE Coaster Classic status.

Source: http://www.aceonline.org/classics.htm

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