AFI has been rocking the punk/hardcore scene for over 10 years. Out of Ukiah, California, they have released 7 full length albums and a number of singles/EPs.

"When you're playing a style of music that doesn't really fit anywhere, you run a risk. You're challenging people to leave their niche, to leave their predetermined ideas of what they're supposed to like. Luckily, we have a lot of people who just focus on the music and appreciate us for what we are. So we get fans from all different genres of music, the jocks, the spooky kids, skaters, college kids, punk rockers, hardcore kids, metal kids, all that." - Davey Havok, vocals

AFI's latest album, Sing the Sorrow (2003), was released on DreamWorks. Many of the band's hardcore followers are quite upset at the fact that AFI moved to a major label, instead of staying at Nitro Records. It doesn't matter what label the band releases from, but the music that they release.

Quality of music has always been a priority for AFI. "I know it's a total cliche, but in our case, we're always pleased with our latest record because each one is different from the previous one. The fact is, this time we had more time and put more effort into writing and recording and I believe that really translates" - Jade Puget, guitar

With Jade's killer bar-chord progressions, Davey's lyrical pictures, drummer Adam Carson's beats (roughly the speed of a fighter plane), and mix in bassist, Hunter, AFI achieves a level never before known. Hopefully, the quartet will continue to create incredible music throughout their entire career.

DISCOGRAPHY (full length only):

Answer that and stay fashionable - 08/01/1995 by Wingnut Records, re-released in 97 by Nitro. This album is really hardcore. Lightning fast chord progressions and killer beats, it sounds completely different from Sing the Sorrow. Like most of AFI's albums, lots of profanity.Incredible album. AFI at its finest.

Very Proud of Ya - Released 06/19/1996 by Nitro Records. Again, with songs such as "Shatty Fatmas" and "Who Said You Could Touch Me?" lots of cursing.

Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes - Released 11/11/1997 by Nitro Records. A little closer to the mainstream sound, but still classic AFI punk. "Third Season" is an excellent example of the album. "Can you feel the pulse? Can you feel the heat rising from below? Can you feel the energy gaining strength, oh so slowly?"

Black Sails in the Sunset - Released 05/18/1999 by Nitro Records. Getting closer to the present...less cursing on this album. The lyrics are very descriptive, as they always are.

The Art of Drowning - Released 09/26/2000 by Nitro Records. The Nephilim - "Arsenic for the girls and boys. Drink the madness, smoke so coy. Smile injection. Serum of a will destroyed." Freaky lyrics are characteristic of this album. Jade experly switches from chord to chord, making this album one of the best. Surprisingly, no cursing on this album.

Sing the Sorrow - Released 03/11/2003 by DreamWorks Records. AFI gravitated away from the hardcore punk style they normally follow. But Sing the Sorrow is amazing nonetheless. The radio single "Girl's Not Grey" has an incredible chord progression along with Davey's vague lyrics. "I'll lay me down tonight. Much further down. Watch stars go out tonight. On sinking ground."

Decemberunderground - Released 05/29/2006 by Interscope Records. This brings us to the most recent album. This was the album that cemented AFI's mainstream success; it debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 upon its release. It features an impressive lineup of guests: Nick 13 of Tiger Army, Ronan Harris of VNV Nation, Dan Under of The Dear & Departed, members of Throwdown, members of Day of Contempt, members of Eighteen Visions, members of Bleeding Through and members of The Despair Faction.

This concludes the AFI DISCOGRAPHY.

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