Also awesome versions of Finnegan's Wake and Amazing Grace.
Back in Boston before AA, when a worker had a drinking problem serious enough to threaten his job, he would be sent to a 'retreat', usually in Vermont, New Hampshire or westawoostah. There they'd dry up and generally be told how close they were to screwing their lives up and told to stay dry. The people that went to these places, usually Irish men who worked with their hands or as a foreman for a living, would be called Dropkick Murphys.

A group of surly drunken Bostonians who make very good music. Their original record deal was with Cyclone Records, then they signed to Epitaph with Do or Die, at which point a lot of New England kids yelled "Sell Out!" and stopped worshipping them. However, they still rocked up to which point they lost the original singer who was replaced by Al Barr from the Bruisers, another Boston band. Even this major transition didn't faze them much, and though a lot of the folks who would see them play in bars and tiny, cramped, smokey clubs a few years ago would have nothing to do with them, a few stayed loyal. And we will be rewarded beyond all of our wildest dreams, and have been, by each successively kick ass anthem.

The Dropkick Murphys were formed in 1996 in Boston, MA. DKM (as the are often referred to) started out as a typical basement "punk rock" band, practicing underneath a friend's barber shop. They set out with the goal to blend a few very different genres of music (Punk Rock, Irish Folk, Classic Rock, and Hardcore) and hopefully have some fun. This new Irish Punk sound hit it big with many fans, and has inspired many similar bands (ie: Flogging Molly) to follow a similar sound.

These hopeful, energetic lads were quickly signed by Cyclone Records, where they released Fire and Brimtstone, their first official recording, in February, 1997. While only 1000 7" vinyls were pressed, Fire and Brimstone quickly gathered a small, loyal, cult following to the Bostonians even though it only contained four tracks, most of which would be re-recorded much cleaner for future albums. Four months later, Boys on the Docks was released, containing the classic Murphys anthem Boys on the Docks. This cd was good enough to grab the attention of Epitaph Records (the largest, most successful punk label ever), who released their first full-length cd Do or Die.

When the Murphys signed to Epitaph, many of their former fans accused them of selling out. And fans lost, however, were quickly replaced seven-fold. The Dropkick Murphys have been one of Epitaphs most popular bands ever since, releasing two more successful full-lengths, multiple EPs, a singles collection, and recently a live cd.

Complete Discography:

1997 - Fire and Brimstone
1997 - Tattoos and Scally Caps
1997 - Boys on the Docks
1998 - Curse of a Fallen Soul
2000 - Live on a 5
Split CDs:
1997 - DKM/Anti-Heros
1997 - DKM/Bruisers
1998 - DKM/Ducky Boys
1999 - DKM/Agnostic Front
2000 - DKM/The Business
2002 - DKM/Face to Face
Full-Length CDs:
1998 - Do or Die
1998 - Singles Collection
1999 - The Gang's All Here
2001 - Sing Loud, Sing Proud
2002 - Live on St. Patty's Day

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