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It's becoming a scare for everyone, whatever their sexual orientation. That's the point, though. It affects everyone. From its beginnings, HIV and AIDS has mostly been tagged as some sort of "gay disease". Now, granted, so far as I know it was at least first documented amongst the gay community, yet even to this day it continues to be associated with homosexuality, despite the rapid increase of cases amongst the heterosexual community.

I find it rather unfortunate, really, as we've all seen how such stigmas can be used as terrible ammunition. We see it even here in E2, amongst some of the nodes dealing with homosexuality and such. Whether in writeups or through softlinks, the bullets are being fired. People will latch onto anything they can that might be used against something they hate. We see it all the time with propaganda like "AIDS cures homosexuality" and "AIDS kills fags dead". It's sad, and scary.

To have such a growing epidemic pinned on us of the gay community is frightening all by itself. Are we somehow the bringers of the Black Plague? I'm sure all the anti-gay screamers would like everyone to think that. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want to be shot one day by some redneck for being "sick and diseased" and they don't want me "infecting their little boy" or something, which are just a couple of the many phrases I hear every day out here in the bowels of Texas. It simply disturbs me to no end, really. First it was because of obscure lines out of the Bible, now it's because we're carrying the Disease to End Humanity. Yeah, right...

It's just more fuel to the fire, the way I see it. It continues to be perpetuated though, and amongst everyone, too. Straight, gay, anti-gay, asexual, doesn't matter. I see members of all groups in some way or another still associating AIDS with homosexuality. Maybe it's just a personal thing with me. I hate stereotyping, and don't care to see anyone keep one going, even if they're a member of the group being typed.

It's here, and it's not going anywhere. We didn't bring it down upon the world, sorry to burst the militant right-wing bubble. Don't force your anti-gay philosophy on me.

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