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One of the two roman soccer teams playing in the first italian division. Founded in 1927, rivalling ever since with the other major roman team, Lazio Roma, it has always been the underdog loved by the people. Well, sort of an underdog: The team miraculously won the first game against Lazio (1929), and has in the past twenty years attracted artistic & intellectual fans from all over the world. Unforgetable is the hymn composed by Antonello Venditti on occasion of the second championship title in 1983, "Grazie Roma", only outperformed by the hymn written by the same cantautore on the occasion of the third championship in 2001 ("Chi c'e").

The current team is a mixture of Latin souls with a lot of temperament. Coached by Fabio Capello, the most important players are: Totti, Tommasi, Cassano (Italy), Batitstuta (Argentina), Cafu, Emerson, Assuncao (Brazil).

The colors of the team are yellow and red; these are the same colors in which all of Rome has been immerged in after 4:25 p.m., June 17th, 2001, after a wonderful 3:0 against Parma which awarded the "Wolves" the third scudetto.

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