A supporting character published by DC Comics. Ace the Bathound first appeared in Batman #92 in 1955.

With the Superman family of characters a huge success, DC Comics made an effort in the 1950's to expand on the characters that were associated with their next biggest character, the Batman. In a relatively short span of time, Batwoman, Batgirl and the ever popular Bat-mite appeared on the scene. But never ones to miss out on a opportunity, DC Comics realized that they were missing out on the pet ownership aspect of the Caped Crusader. To that end they introduced Ace the Bathound.

The story goes that Batman and Robin discover a stray dog while patroling and rather than leave the dog to fend for itself, they take it with them back to Wayne Manor. The next day, posters go up all over Gotham City, with a picture of the dog who has been named Ace, saying that Bruce Wayne is looking for the owner of this dog.

Later, when the Bat-Signal is lit, alerting the Dynamic Duo to trouble, the two heroes jump in the Bat-mobile and speed off toward Gotham City. Halfway there, they realize that Ace has accompanied them and that if they are seen with the dog, their secret identities could be in danger. The two decide that the best way to avoid the problem is to disguise the dog by putting it in a mask and cape. Calling the dog Ace the Bathound, Batman and Robin went on to foil the villains with the help of their new companion.

Ace did not appear in very many stories and eventually was forgotten by most comic fans. He has returned in recent years in the Batman Beyond cartoon series as a companion to the elderly Bruce Wayne.

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