Woodnot’s negative comments on this society

This society, the one that is common in Britain and America, is good for the most part. I personally feel that I don’t have that many problems in my day to day life. However, there are problems that I feel could be dealt with. Here are some critiques.

It is acceptable in this society for the most part to take intoxicants. The legal ones being alcohol and tobacco, and then there is a long list of illegal ones, which the government spend a lot of time and money trying to control. But still some individuals manage to get hold of these substances through drug dealers, and manage to get “high”. The influence of intoxicants has a highly detrimental effect on the surrounding area. These include increases in violent crime, dangerous driving leading to an increase in road accidents, passive consumption (i.e. passive smoking) which can lead non-intoxicant takers to suffer from various diseases etc. It seems to me that these intoxicant takers and the people, who supply them i.e. drug dealers, are like a pest on the rest of us.

One very distinct aspect of the current law is the fact that Termination is legal yet Euthanasia is illegal (although it will probably become legal later on in history). In other words, a new form of human life, who has come into physical existence, is capable of reaching mental existence, is allowed to have its life ended, whilst someone who has consciously decided that they no longer want to live anymore, but is unable to kill themselves so requires some ones help, is not allowed to have that help. Another point, people who support Termination refer to themselves as “Pro-choice”. Yet when they say that, they mean the choice of a woman to go to a clinic and have her foetus sucked out by some god forsaken Hoover, or not to. Surely it should be the choice of the most affected individual that matters, and that would ultimately be the foetus, and guess what, they can’t make choices! So really it isn’t “Freedom of choice” it is really “Freedom to kill” or “Freedom to let someone kill for you”. I don’t feel that making Termination illegal would do any good, since people will do it any way under ground. What I feel is more important is that there are social changes that place condoms and other sheaths as the highest form of contraception. Also, through my policies, I would like to encourage people not to have Terminations but ideally not encourage them to have children. Most of my core-enemies are pro-termination. Feminists are almost certainly ‘pro-choice’ even if they happen to be anti-sex. Drug addicts often have terminations because they are so stoned they can’t be bothered to use sheaths. What about those mysterious individuals I call Anti-Humans, well, lets talk about them.

There has been a distinct poisoning of western culture in the last 200-100 years or so.The agents of this change includes Disney, and similar production companies. This poisoning is the belief that animals are equal to humans, or closer to the point, all animals should be treated as our pets. This is then coupled with knowledge of ecological damage (i.e. global warming) and increased knowledge of the intelligence of some animals has led to an interesting movement. They call themselves veggie-anarchists, or choose not to comment, I however refer to them as “Anti-Humans” or very rarely “Species Traitors”. It can take various forms, mainly anthropoperipherism, or an irrational belief in other animal’s equality with Humans, resulting in a preference for animals over humans. Some Anti-Humans are totally innocent, like old ladies who are prefer their pet dogs over other people. However some are distinctly sick, most notably of all is Peter Singer, the man whom the term “Anti-Humanist” was invented to describe. Essentially, whilst arguing in support of Termination, involuntary Euthanasia and even Infanticide, he chose to compare the mental capacities of children, foetuses and the mentally ill with that of more intelligent animals. (I am actually feeling angry having to write this down). He essentially was suggesting that if you can put down a dog you should be able to put down a new born child. His comments released a new wave of thought that has further poisoned this already corrupted society. This includes getting people to have terminations, in order to lower the population of humans on earth, so that not as much land is needed, to provide space for some god forsaken racoon we call the Giant Panda. How can I tarry against these people? Well, firstly I will say that with any similarity between animals and young children, they seem to be forgetting that a Human child is capable of growing into a much more intelligent being, whilst most of the animals they are comparing will stay like that forever. What about the mentally ill, well I simply have this to say. Human beings, as with all other animals, are in a constant state of competition between other forms of life, and in order to be successful, we have to be all engaging, so even if someone appears weak and totally incompetent, they may have some unseen use. This isn’t to say I don’t care about other animals. I recognize the existence of two groups of animal the “Uber-Tier” or super animals (of which Humans are a member) and the “Unter-Tier” or under animals. Exactly what defines the two I’m not entirely sure, but recently I thought that it may in fact be that the “Uber-Tier” are also the unclean animals mentioned in the Bible, and that the clean animals are in fact the “Unter-Tier”. I feel that we and our fellow Uber-Tier should try to find ways of communicating with each other and work together to oppress the Unter-Tier, whom can act along with plant matter as food. But we should always see our fellow Uber-Tier as second to each other as a species. Before you start thinking I’m totally hypocritical, some Anti-Humans are willing to defend Unter-Tier like cows and sheep.

Going away from that moment of total craziness, I’m too tired to write a list of proposals for how I’m going to solve all these problems; I’m just showing them to you.


I am about to announce two things: firstly is my departure from the Iron Noders challenge. Why, well due to all that’s happening in school, I can’t really afford to waste time noding. I did however consider writing all the write-ups needed on Saturdays, but last Saturday when I did this, 4 of the write-ups I wrote got deleted and the Debutante warned that if I pull of a stunt like that again I would lose my right to post write-ups. So I’ve decided that rather than risk that I would just quit and try again next year. I would also like to announce that I am going to leave E2 for awhile, until mid June of 2010 to be precise, just to think through some things, do my coursework and revision, hope people forget how incredibly bad at noding I was etc. I would agree that some of my opinions are highly confused, sometimes I'm supporting laissez faire, other times I'm supporting totalitarianism. I do need to think about it, but heh, I do have a highly unique ideology as RedOmega said. But be warned, when I get back, the sword of truth will be sharper than ever, and this time I will have supporters to back me up. So, as a finishing note, lets have a little sing-song.

(Sing this to the tune of “do you hear the people sing”)

Do you hear it in the air?

What’s that thing over there?

It’s the coming of the Anti-Humans

We must prepare

With the burning sword of truth

We shall give them quite a scare

It is time for the rise

Of the Uber-Tier/

/Who will stand up and be seen?

Who will support we?

Or will you all go home?

And throw on us your pee

For when they burgle your house

And steal all your stuff

You’ll be crawling back to me

And the Herpes/

/Can you see it in the distance?

The light of purity

Anti-Humans, feminists and junkies

The world has been made free (of)

It will be run by the force

Of Humans-Meritocracy/

/Do you hear it in the air?

What’s that thing over there?

It’s the coming of the Anti-Humans

We must prepare

With the burning sword of truth

We shall give them quite a scare

It is time for the rise

Of the Uber-Tier

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