This summer I discovered the most amazing thing, my bathroom is acoustically perfect. The walls are about 15" thick and the bathroom is about 9' sq ft., and if the door is closed the room is a perfect square. These leaves it isolated from all other disturbances in the house. This means that when you pee, it's like hearing yourself pee in surround sound stereo. It's the most awesome thing in the world. After the demonstration of this to my friends, CthulhuFhtagn, or Adam, hauled my guitar up into the bathroom. We shut the door, and he played in stero sound, it was awesome.

Acoustically perfect rooms are actually the opposite of a square and have no wall parallel to another wall. This is because you want to minimize reverb and capture the sound as it is made. Next time you're in a well designed theater look around and you will notice no parallel walls. In recording studios the walls may seem like they are parallel but really what you see are fake walls with angled walls behind them. The reverb from small ceramic rooms, such as a bathrooms, is nice and deepens the sound which is why it sounds pleasant.

Furthermore... the acoustics of bathrooms tend to make (typically deeper) male voices sound much more resonant than those of women. Maybe this is the reason there are so many men singing terribly at karaoke. They sound deceptively good singing in the shower and think it is because of their skill and not the acoustical physics of their bathroom.

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