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A mod for the video game Quake, and Quake 2, that makes the game more realistic. This means real guns, real aiming techniques (you have to move slower to have better aim, crouching makes aim real good, running around shooting is not accurate.) Having to pick guns up, having to bandage wounds, and more general realism. This is the true way to play Quake 2.

Action quake 2 is more realistic because a single head shot with any weapon can kill, two or three shots to the chest are deadly, and leg shots do little damage but actually cause the player to limp until he/she uses the bandage command.

I wouldn't call it realistic; not many people can run at 27mph, nor do many people run faster while jumping. But besides that, AQ2 is a very entertaining mod.

Weapons include a knife (which can be thrown), pistol, shotgun, handcannon, MP5, M4, handgrenades and sniper rifle, amongst others. Items include lasersight, stealth slippers, kevlar vest, bandolier and silencer. You can carry only one weapon and one item at a time, with the exception that you always have at least one pistol and a knife.

If you are hit by a bullet or injured by a grenade, you will slowly bleed to death. You can bandage your wounds which takes several seconds, during which time you cannot fire (although you can still run and jump like a demented bunny).

As mentioned, movement makes your weapons less accurate. If you run, you have very little chance of actually hitting anything. Note, however, that the shotgun, handcannon and sniper rifle (while zoomed) do not lose accuracy when you move.

After playing the game extensively, three major classes of player will generally result: MP5/M4 + lasersight, shotgun/handcannon + kevlar, and sniper rifle + kevlar. The first combination is particularly deadly, since the lasersight makes your weapons incredibly accurate, and the MP5/M4 can simply spray any opponents in the hope of an easy headshot.

A version of the mod for Half-Life is also being produced.

More information is available at action.telefragged.com.

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