There is a kind of person who desperately tries to get attention. Manipulation is their basic behavior. They will do anything in retaliation to not getting what they want - so desperate are they for approval. They must have missed on the memo that amiability, honesty and being yourself is what opens doors. They are almost universally pitied - but can be aggravating too.

Advertising is a friend like this. Turn on the TV and you are bombarded with short reels desperate in creating the next "thing". Some are simply loud but the most annoying ones employ cheap emotional tricks. Sentimental, plinky plonky folk over sepia tones of young adults having fun. They seek out the most guttural of emotional reactions. Ultimately they beg - "Our product is cool guys, our company has a great legacy! It's run by normal people just like you. We're fun and we really do care!". They try as hard as possible to make their product seem "real". Who can blame them? Manipulation is all too easy. But there are better ways to get what you want in the adult world.

If advertising is this friend, why do we still hang out with them? With all that pathetic attention seeking why haven't we laughed it off and told it to stop being so pathetic.

The reason is simple but sad. Advertising pays for everything. It is the worst kind of annoying rich friend. The kind we tolerated only because it buys stuff for everyone - TV Shows and iPhone Games.

Isn't it sad that we still let ourselves hang around with this person, that we still put up with their antics. It is a little shameful that we can't just act like adults. Isn't it about time we grew up and started paying for things ourselves?

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